Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

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Hello guys, welcome to bed frames site. You know that bed frames have many sizes and forms. Commonly, bed frames consist of two sections. They are upper and under sections. Upper section usually is soft and pleasant for sleep. This part commonly is called as mattress. Long time ago, mattress was filled by dried rice stalked. For rich people mattress was filled by goose further. Then, the backside of mattress is filled by cotton. At the present time, mostly mattress consists of spring and expended rubber. In addition there are some mattresses that use air to make it soft.

Component of mattress consists of bed cover, bolster layer, supporting beam and restraint. Fabric for bed cover is for covering all of mattress content. Supporting beam has function to increase the pleasure of sleep and for absorbing the humidity and sweat. But restraint is for supporting and restraining. Commonly it is formed with spool steel or bolsters forged steel. The more bolster used and the thicker the wire, the better is the supporting beam. The modern mattress uses expended rubber. This mattress more comfortable and lighter in weight. For under section of bed frame, it is harder and it is called as frame design. Long time ago, bed frames usually formed with unique wood or without guile. Then there is frame bed that is made from steel. In this present time, bed frame uses box spring that is hard enough under the mattress. The function is to give more supporting beam for the mattress comfortable.

So, as customers you should know what common bed frames’ stuff are. Mostly the parts of bed frames consist of pillow for our heads, bedsheet for covering the mattress, blanket for warming the body and bed cover to make our mattress clean everytime. Commonly, Indonesian people often use the dutch-wife for increasing our sleep time. That’s all the part of bed frame. See you in the next article about the other bed frame information.

amazing bed frame

Today, you may look for a right bed frames for your house. You may also already know about the considerations you need to have for buying a new one. Well, today, in this post, we are going to look at for details the part of bed frames, so that you know fully what parts of the bed frame.

The parts might be different from one style to another style. But, in general there are some parts that are the same one another. There are four parts of bed frames that you need to know. The first one is the legs or wheels of the bed. Metal style usually used these wheels instead of legs. We also have footboard and headboard, and also bed rails that the main function is for holding the mattress. Brackets, casters, risers, bolts, and also screws are the additional components of the bed frames that you generally will find. The rails and legs will support the board of bed frames, while in platform style; you will find only the wide board. The headboard and the footboard are sometimes only for decorations. In king size bed, there will be something holding at the middle of the bed frames. It helps to prevent the bed frames from crack when holding the whole weight of the mattress. Casters will help the owner to move the bed easily, so that you do not need to lift it up to move it. There are locked and unlocked button on it. Some of the casters can be lowered and higher, so that you can suit with the right height you want.

Check everything before you purchase one. Well, you can also buy a frame without the head and footboard, but then you need to measure the size of your old headboard to make it right with the new bed frames.

new bed frames

Welcome to today’s post about bed frames. We have talked about the materials of bed frame that you need to know. But it is not enough. There is another consideration to buy the right bed frames for your house, beside materials.

Buying bed frames sometimes means that we have to buy the whole part of the frames, included the headboard and also the footboard. But it does not close the possibility to buy only the frame. If you buy new mattress, the seller will sometimes also include the basic frame for you, most of it are metal frame. Yet, the main consideration for choosing the right frame is the whole function, for instance whether you want additional storage under the bed or not, since this function will affect to your choice. After thinking about this, then measure the exact size of your bed (if you only want to buy the frame), to be adjusted with the old footboard and headboard you have.  Another consideration for buying new bed frames is the size of the mattress. You will find bed frame that can be used for all size of mattress, but you will also find frame that cannot be adjustable. Flexibility might be the best choice for choosing bed frames. Try to look for one that can be adjusted with your needs, for instance twin that can be adjusted to full and full that can be adjusted to queen size beds. This idea will be great to put for the guest and kids’ rooms. Thus, you can adjust it with your needs and the number of people will sleep on it.

These are things that you need to consider before buying new bed frames. Well, function is the most important thing you need to think before buying new things. Check also the durability of the frame before purchasing one.