Jumat, 15 Juli 2016

amazing bed frame

Today, you may look for a right bed frames for your house. You may also already know about the considerations you need to have for buying a new one. Well, today, in this post, we are going to look at for details the part of bed frames, so that you know fully what parts of the bed frame.

The parts might be different from one style to another style. But, in general there are some parts that are the same one another. There are four parts of bed frames that you need to know. The first one is the legs or wheels of the bed. Metal style usually used these wheels instead of legs. We also have footboard and headboard, and also bed rails that the main function is for holding the mattress. Brackets, casters, risers, bolts, and also screws are the additional components of the bed frames that you generally will find. The rails and legs will support the board of bed frames, while in platform style; you will find only the wide board. The headboard and the footboard are sometimes only for decorations. In king size bed, there will be something holding at the middle of the bed frames. It helps to prevent the bed frames from crack when holding the whole weight of the mattress. Casters will help the owner to move the bed easily, so that you do not need to lift it up to move it. There are locked and unlocked button on it. Some of the casters can be lowered and higher, so that you can suit with the right height you want.

Check everything before you purchase one. Well, you can also buy a frame without the head and footboard, but then you need to measure the size of your old headboard to make it right with the new bed frames.

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